Delivery | Delivery

Shipping time is from the date of confirmation of payment.
public holidays Weekends and other non-delivery days due to force majeure are excluded from the delivery period.
If the product has already shipped and you want to cancel the order to process a refund, TW-Select will only issue a refund once the product has been returned to the warehouse. It will take 7 working days to process the refund after the returned product is complete. TW-Select reserves the right to process a refund in all cases if the product has not been completely returned to the warehouse.
invalid address
It is your responsibility to verify the delivery address information when placing an order. You can contact us if your order is not delivered. Although we use our best efforts to ensure that your shipping information is always up-to-date, But we do not guarantee that this update is correct depending on the circumstances. Once your order has been shipped, no changes can be made.
In case the address is incomplete or incorrect The parcel will be returned to the warehouse which may take up to 30 days only once the parcel has been returned to us. We will consider re-delivering and you may be charged additional delivery charges. Or maybe get a refund for this error. (less shipping cost)
If the address given is incorrect or someone collects the package and doesn't return it, TW-Select is not responsible
Please contact customer service at info Or via Line at @tw-select if you do not receive your package within 15 business days.